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Our Company Policy

Our workmates working with same enthusiasm at each unit, at each stages will ensure that we will be one of the leaders of the sector in the future as well.

We care about ethical values as well as legal legislation. We take measures to prevent all kinds of conflicts of interest.

We know our social responsibilities as well as legal responsibilities and share our acquisitions with our society. We consider all kinds of differences as wealthiness; We refuse the discrimination.

We define each of our steps, measure our performance and exert effort for continuous improvement with the thought that If we don’t know we cannot measure, if we don’t measure we cannot manage.

We will constitute together a working environment where its customers, shareholders, employees and financiers will be happy and the win/win principle is applied, growing together.

We adopt as a company policy to protect and improve the environment, to deploy the resources.

We define our risks, take measures and endeavour for uninterrupted continuity by acquiring hands-on experiences against all kinds of adverse circumstances  so as to offer the service in time to the customers as much as our service quality.

We know that the World is re-established with the arising sun in every morning and we renew ourselves everyday so as to be involved in the new World.

We know the importance of privacy as well as we know that the information grows when shared. We take measures to prevent spreading the knowledge apart from the related persons.

We know the importance of your personal knowledge We know the importance of the privacy of your personal data and we act according to the legal legislation.

We take care of rules for Occupational Health and Safety as well as we pay attention to the human being firstly by considering the idiom “It is hard to part with anything one owns.”

“As it should be…”