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Customer Relations Management (CRM)

We conduct our work bearing in mind that we hold the key for the door opens to our customers’ future and also our customers hold the key for the door opens to our future.

Our major difference is that our corporate memory is integrated with the technology. Our information standards are established and continuously improving every day.

Opposed to most of other CRM processes, our customer data is fed by the services we provide to our customers. The information shared with us during our operations enables us to learn more about our customers. The more we learn about our customers the faster and better we can provide services. This also significantly reduces our common risks.

Our CRM software and corporate memory immediately takes action at the moment of our first contact with our customer. All customer data is renewed and enriched to show us the correct path for a better service for the future.

We know every customer is “unique”. We are aware that every customer has a different structure, corporate culture, suppliers and sector. We try to serve them bearing in mind the differences. We provide our services in parallel to our customers’ standards and work flows. Every step we take on behalf of our customers are stored and monitored in our databases in a scalable, measurable format, which can be analyzed and reported.

We follow our every contact, every meeting and every job we do for and with our customers and we direct our employees under supervision of our management.

Every employee monitors the state and phase of the job, we do on behalf of our customers, according to the confidentiality provisions defined by our corporate principles.

We inform and steer our employees about every phase of our services on what, how, with who and when should be done, according to our quality procedures.

We inform our customers about every step of the process we have done on behalf, before the need for information arise on customer side.

Every demand, advice and comment received from our customers is stored in our CRM software to help improve our job processes. We use every demand, advice and comment to keep our customer satisfaction at the highest level by assigning and concluding the duties and sharing the results.