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GDVT (Guler & Dinamik Data Transfer)

While the importance of information is highly increasing, the companies invest more to Information Technologies in order to take more advantages against their competitors and make more data comparisons to filter valuable information that will carry the company a step forward.  Since increasing the number of employees that is needed to process information means also an increase in expenses, most companies prefer to share data in their system to outsource data warehousing services.

In this respect, because Guler & Dinamik has predicted all infrastructure needs that are necessary to electronically share all data that has been gathered from the transactions, now we can share all types of data with methods such as XML, Web Service or MS Excel.

We are now conducting similar services to our customers allowing them to receive required data within provisions of ISO 27001 standards. We also store data from import and export transactions of our customers to use them for a smooth and on time clearance service.